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Gender: Male/ Age: 25 to 70\nPixel fires SOI - for Email Traffic only\nRestriction/ not allowed traffic: Adult; Popup or push notifications; Torrent; Gaming; Gambling; Streaming; Incentivized; Content Locking; Host & Post; Co-Reg; In App display; Sexually
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DMSAffiliates is with over 2.000 offers available, the #1 fit for your traffic. By covering more than 150 GEOs within the following verticals: Dating, Gambling, Crypto, Sweepstakes, VOD, Bizop, Email-Submits & Pin-Submits - they make sure your traffic is monetized the best way possible. DMSAffiliates is the perfect match for you, if you're looking to scale fast. They will make sure your cashflow is always on track with their unique "Daily payments" & "Payments on request" model. If you're not eligible for these specific models yet, don't be sad - weekly payments are available for anyone earning more than $250 per week. Besides all advantages already mentioned earlier, DMSAffiliates also offers a points program, where every USD earned results into 1 DMS Point. DMS Points can be used to redeem rewards like: iPads, Macbooks, iPhones and even very exclusive Rolex watches.

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